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kenneth Tooley
Subject:  information
    how long does it take to receive shipment of shoes . also to you have size 13 in air max 95, 98
Order Number:  NO ORDER Leave Messages Time: 2019-4-24 

4-7 work days.friends.And the 95 98 all big size is 12us.
Reply Time: 2019-4-24 
Angela M pierce
Subject:  Do u have this shoe
    If i send a picture can you tell me if u guys have them or can get them
Order Number:  NO ORDER Leave Messages Time: 2019-4-10 

if site no have can pass in or
Reply Time: 2019-4-10 
Subject:  Ordering other products
    Some of your product I want to purchase don’t have a order drop down how do you order handbags and sunglasses?
Order Number:  NO ORDER Leave Messages Time: 2019-4-9 

just give me picture or link in my mail. my mail is and
Reply Time: 2019-4-10 
Subject:  I was wondering
    Can you guys get the Nike air max penny 1 or the Jordan 10 I’m back black and white? Also if I place an order and live in Sacramento California how long would it take to get here?
Order Number:  NO ORDER Leave Messages Time: 2019-3-7 

max penny 1 no have,but the jordans 10 have.order in here,will got package in 5-8 work days
Reply Time: 2019-3-9 
Phillip terry
Subject:  Instructions on making purchases
    Who do I send the MTCN number to once I make a payment? Will I recieve verification when my order ships?
Order Number: GOLFOOT90151 Leave Messages Time: 2019-3-5 

The frist name: Qinghai;Last name: Su; When you paid after,our will shipping and give you tracking number and shipping the shoes picture in site
Reply Time: 2019-3-5 
Subject:  Taille disponible ?
    Bonjour avez vous Nike Air jordan 1 retro off white nrg en taille 10.5 US ?
Order Number:  NO ORDER Leave Messages Time: 2019-3-2 

have it.friends.
Reply Time: 2019-3-3 
rachel james pitre
Subject:  perchasing
    if i buy like 12 pair of the 50 dollar air max 95s what kind of discount would I get?
Order Number:  NO ORDER Leave Messages Time: 2019-2-21 

I will give you More one pair free shoes,you order 12 pairs.I will sent you 13 pair shoes.
Reply Time: 2019-2-22 
Subject:  It's been a few days
    I sent money $256 and havent heard from anyone in 2 days would like to know what's going on thanks
Order Number: FOOT90106 Leave Messages Time: 2019-1-17 

The order had sent out
Reply Time: 2019-1-17 
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